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Our Window Cleaning Services Include:

• Cleaning windows inside & out • Screens • Window sills • Sliding door tracks

Window Cleaning in AlbuquerqueResidential Window Cleaning Maintenance

Windows that are not cleaned on a routine basis will accumulate interior films from cooking, woodstoves, fireplaces and out-gassing from synthetic products such as carpets, wood stain, varnish, tile glue etc. The exterior surfaces accumulate films from pollution, minerals from water running down bricks, stucco and improperly positioned lawn sprinklers and other debris from insects, birds and trees. With our high altitudes and clear skies the suns rays eventually bake these elements onto the glass causing an expensive restoration process. In some cases the damage can become permanent requiring expensive replacement of the glass. For these reasons, not to mention maintaining your beautiful views, most of our clients elect to have their windows cleaned on a routine basis. We will recommend a cleaning schedule that accounts for your local environment (trees, birds, blowing sand etc.) and relative protection of your windows.

No Window Too Large Or Too High

Many of our customers initially contact us because they have windows that are very difficult to reach. We safely clean almost any window on most two-story homes. In some rare cases we may have to erect some simple scaffolding to reach some windows that our ladders cannot directly reach. Our ladders are equipped to deal with uneven or sloping ground surfaces.

Restoration & Post-Construction Window Cleaning

Debris that accumulates from the construction process such as stucco, plaster, paint and wood finishes tends to be difficult to remove. Many house cleaners and other tradesmen end up scratching the glass with razor blades. We employ a process Albuquerque window maintenancethat safely removes this debris and causes no scratches. We use the same process to remove naturally occurring debris from trees, insects, birds etc. that has been baked onto the window surfaces.

We can remove most hard water spots from sprinklers and mineral deposits from bricks and stucco and this is included in our normal cleaning process. However, depending on the extent of the build-up and the amount of exposure to the sun, we may have to recommend a more extensive process to restore some windows. We can make this assessment when we come out to give you our free estimate.

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